Multicolor Mind Mapping

Multicolor Mind Mapping

A colorful method for charting the brain offers new insights into how connections form between neurons.

Stephen Fortune
  • 28 february 2011

The Harvard developed ‘Brainbow’ technique creates day glow neurons to illustrate the intricate workings of the brain. This method has now been applied to fruit flies by the National Institute for Medical Research in London. The multiple colors not only creates an impressive visualization but are also a great aid for studying how connections form between neurons.

The way we map our cognitive conduits is likely to become increasingly important as neuroscience grows as an area of commercial patent secural. An instance of how this Technicolor method can help illustrate real world phenomena is provided in the below photo which:

“shows a group of about 2,000 neurons that are thought to underlie male fruitfly courtship behavior.”

Technology Review: “Fly Over the ‘Brainbow'”

[via PopSci]

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