Nike Shreds The Internet

Nike Shreds The Internet

Nike's latest online ad campaign takes a personalized approach in engaging users as brand advocates - spreading the word across the social web.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 16 february 2011

A recent Nike campaign caught our attention for its very simple, attention-getting form (regardless of whether you’re a skater or not). Nike’s Shred the Internet aims to take the street to the web, allowing you to skate your favorite spots throughout the social web. The campaign partners with major social networking sites, as well as custom URLs that turn any domain into a favorite skate spot.

On Facebook, the Wall Ride allows skaters to wall ride your Facebook page by simply pasting a single line of code to the end of your home page URL. On Twitter, you can tail slide, while The Sequence allows you to star in your own Nike SB banner ad by simply uploading your photo. The result are creative digital executions that spread a skateboarder (and Nike SB brand)  across the web, engaging the user as the brand’s ambassador.

We appreciate the campaign for finding a highly engaging way to get people involved in spreading the Nike SB brand across the web. Whether you’re a skater or not, the campaign might still compel you to personalize the ad to your liking, share it and post it. Which was, at its core, the point.

NIKE SB Shred the Internet

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