The city is exploring the use of scannable codes in a number of applications including construction permits and garbage trucks.

A year after New York City required a mandatory posting of health inspection letter grades in eatery windows, the city’s Health Department is exploring the addition of scannable barcodes that New Yorkers could scan to get more in-depth info on what’s to blame for a less-than-stellar score. The health inspection details are already available online, but barcodes would make that information easily accessible to potential customers at a restaurant’s front door.

The city’s Buildings Department is already putting bar codes on construction permits so passersby can access details about the project, the building and violations related to the property’s owner. Also, the Sanitation Department has barcodes on the sides of its trucks that take interested residents to an ad about recycling. According to Mayor Bloomberg: “This is just the beginning. Once you get this to work, there’s an awful lot of things and we’re committed to do that.”

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