Treemail lets users send ‘hand-carved’ digital messages to that special someone.

Photo-sharing, live-streaming, intuitive tagging—not to mention social network integration. Apps provide all sorts of efficiencies, streamlining daily activities and adding entertainment value where possible. However, few are those that focus on a more simplified form of communication.

At once clever and sweet, Treemail is a new app by Country Living magazine that lets users send virtual versions of the classic ‘I-carved-our-initials-into-a-tree-for-you’ approach. Continuing the trend of blurring analog nostalgia with digital convenience (and just in time for Valentine’s Day), users are given total creative freedom to craft their masterpiece with a range of barks and knife widths. Sure, the ‘share on Facebook’ and ‘post to Twitter’ options exist, but this just might be one of those times when old-fashioned 1:1 communication trumps social broadcasting (at least at first).

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