One Pass: Google’s Direct-To-Customer Publishing Service For Digital Content

One Pass: Google’s Direct-To-Customer Publishing Service For Digital Content

Google has launched its online payment system for newspapers and magazines, just a day after Apple unveiled a rival offering.

Kyana Gordon
  • 16 february 2011

Google has launched One Pass, a new online payment system for publishers with a revenue sharing model that will rival Apple’s recently launched alternative. Announced today by Eric Schmidt at Humboldt University in Berlin, the service offers a single way to pay for content across multiple websites. One Pass will allow consumers to buy individual articles or subscriptions to online newspapers and other sites, across all platforms, including mobile and tablet apps. It is powered by Google Checkout, so publishers’ e-commerce and payment processing needs are covered, and there is no need to build a third-party payment system.

Google will take a 10 per cent cut of any revenues, compared with Apple’s 30 per cent share for all content sold directly through iPad and iPhone apps, and compared to Apple, Google will give publishers the names and e-mail addresses of their customers and further details if readers consent to such data sharing. It will also allow readers to buy individual articles “à la carte”, as well as a subscription for ongoing access.

Google One Pass

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