Ones To Watch At Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Ones To Watch At Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Every year Vauxhall Fashion Scout gives four designers the opportunity to showcase their collection at Freemasons Hall during fashion week.

Dan Gould
  • 23 february 2011
Kirsty Ward, Anja Mlakar, Tze Goh, Sara Bro-Jorgensen, Ones to Watch a/w 2011/2

Every year Vauxhall Fashion Scout gives four designers the opportunity to showcase their collection at Freemasons Hall during fashion week. The designers selected are decided upon by VFS plus a panel of judges. The designers showcased their collection as part of a back to back show.

Kirsty Ward a/w 2011/2

Kirsty Ward was the first designer to grace the catwalk with a collection that embraced golden bronze hues along with sheer metallic-esque sheer fabrics. Ward plays with deconstructing pieces, adding large oversized armholes to a pullover top, whist also cutting out squares of fabric from a pair of trousers.

Throughout the collection there were tribal pieces of jewellery which hung around the models’ neck and back, in keeping with the bronze colourings. Other pieces came in white and cream, such as a fluffy jacket with a belted waist, similar to a dressing gown. The majority of the collection used sheer materials, with the finale piece being a floor sweeping sheer black gown.

Anja Mlakar a/w 2011/2

Anja Mlakar was next to show, a collection heavily focused on laser cut-out detailing, along with hip accentuation. The first piece to hit the runway was a white tailored jacket with a structural detailing around the waist, creating serious hip volume. This also came with a beautiful evening piece, a black dress with the aforementioned detail, but with the fabric attached and flowing as the model moved down the runway.

Mlakar also utilised laser cutting, to create square holes on the pieces, such as cut out squares creating a pattern around the cuff of a panelled grey jacket. This cut out detail also featured prominently down the front of a tight pair of tailored trousers, showing the detail perfectly.

The collection was a welcome blend of eveningwear mixed with day pieces, a stand out being a danger red dress with the hip structure giving a sense of modern femininity.

Tze Goh a/w 2011/2

Tze Goh, presented his collection to a serene musical backdrop which aided his collection wonderfully. Goh’s collection was wonderfully simplistic and minimal eveningwear created out of a felted wool, coming in navy blues and jet blacks.

Large oversized shawls and jackets took on a box-like silhouette, kept in shape by structured fabrics. Elegance came with classy evening dresses that hugged the model’s body as she cascaded down the catwalk. Goh combined the two main parts to his collection, by creating a slick evening dress complete with a shawl piece attached to the back. A wonderfully sophisticated collection.

Sara Bro-Jorgensen a/w 2011/2

Sara Bro-Jorgensen was the last to show. Inspired by 2-D imagery, the collection had a distinctly rock feel to it. Whether it was the heavily guitar-led music playing out the sound system or the fact that many models came out in skull caps and balaclavas, this collection had an edge.

The collection featured paint splattered tailored trousers, combined with crouched tops accentuated with long tassle detailing. Graphic tops also made an appearance, with a large oversized knit top printed with an image of a trench coated figure, which featured on a smaller regular knit.

The collection closed with a wonderfully simplistic floor length mesh dress that summed up the air of rebellion that remained prevalent throughout the majority of the collection.

Image credits: photography by Shaun James

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Anja Mlakar
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