Playing Video Games With Life Itself

Playing Video Games With Life Itself

The video games of the future may involve increasingly diverse mediums for us to play with.

Stephen Fortune
  • 11 february 2011

The future of computer wetware seems to be increasingly concentrated upon the microscopic realm. Following hot on the heels of news that bacteria could be the hard drives of the future comes Stanford research which lets people play arcade classics remixed with micro organisms:

Players use a console to change the polarity of an electrical field in a fluid chamber filled with paramecia, which makes the organisms move in different directions. A web – cam sends real-time images to a computer, where they are superimposed onto a game board.

The player uses this simple augmented reality interface to steer the paramecia micro organisms around the screen and compete in biotic homages to Pacman, Pinball and Pong. Check out the video below to see the video games of the near future.

Ingmar Riedel-Kruse

Stanford University

New Scientist: “Play Pacman, Pinball and Pong with a paramecium”

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