Exploring what a better future looks like in 2011.

IBM’s Smarter Planet campaign aims to inform about both the technology and the markets it has invested in, while highlighting opportunities for networked solutions and systems.  Unlike absurd future visions of  yesteryear, the World’s Fair flying car, robot-in-every-kitchen type, this depiction is a very grounded, surprisingly tangible one.

So, what does IBM’s vision of the future looks like today?

Bright, networked, and overwhelmingly human.

Despite the fact that Smarter Planet is a campaign concerned with technological problem-solving, tech is notably absent.  Instead, this vision is saturated with people. Every solution is framed by the faces and voices of developers and the people who will ultimately benefit from these developments. Though the technology is clearly what’s being pushed, it takes a perceptible backseat to human problems, solutions, and benefits.

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