PSFK SALON NEW YORK: Future Of Real Time

PSFK SALON NEW YORK: Future Of Real Time

At this event, PSFK will invite speakers to discuss the key themes found in the Future Of Real Time report.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 3 february 2011

PSFK is the go to source for new ideas for creative business. Our events bring to life the discussion that takes place everyday on our site with a focus on particular areas of innovation.

For this PSFK SALON NEW YORK, we will highlight ideas around our new Future of Real-Time report, created for the United Nations Global Pulse.

Evolving data-rich technologies are providing organizations, governments and businesses with a rapid way to monitor the well-being of communities and individuals without significant infrastructure or spend. For those organizations whose success is dependent on the ability to quickly recognize and react to high-risk situations, the proliferation of rapid access to “good enough” information is proving invaluable.

This report has been developed for the United Nations Global Pulse, a project whose goal is to support governments in understanding what is happening to their most vulnerable populations in real-time. We intend for it to be openly shared around the globe between communities, development agencies, academia and other organizations. The aim of the report is to highlight the opportunities that exist for organizations, large or small. In particular, the “left field” examples of data capture and use are published in hope of showcasing how organizations can leap-frog IT investment and still significantly improve the monitoring capabilities.

At this event, PSFK will invite speakers to discuss the key themes found in the report that are emerging around real-time. Communities and organizations can learn from these ideas  to create new solutions to support the care and well-being of the world’s people.

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Event programming to be updated here as speakers are confirmed.


8.30am Breakfast and conversation

9.00am First round of speaker presentations

9.45am Coffee and refreshments

10.00am Second round of speaker presentations

10.45am Q&A with audience

11.00am Coffee and conversation

11.30am Event ends


This event is kindly hosted by Soho House New York.

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PSFK SALON NEW YORK: Future Of Real Time

For your free download of this report please visit

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