Restoring Rest In An Era Of Hyper-Connectivity

Restoring Rest In An Era Of Hyper-Connectivity

The Sabbath Manifesto app allows users to "check out" of the Internet as a way to participate in the "National Day of Unplugging."

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 14 february 2011

Reboot announced its annual National Day of Unplugging will be from sundown to sundown, March 4-5th of this year, but with an added twist. The non-profit has developed The Sabbath Manifesto, an application for smartphones that will allow you to ‘check out’ from the Internet in response to the ‘checking in’ phenomenon led by Foursquare. The app, available for iPhones, Androids, Blackberries and other smartphones-announces to your social networks and online community through Facebook and Twitter that you are unplugging and will not be available online.

The idea is to restore the idea of rest in an era of hyper-connectivity. The Sabbath Manifesto is a movement based on ten principles centered on connecting with loved ones and the world without distractions. Reboot is a non-profit that began its work with the intentions to re-invent Jewish holidays and rituals, but has since found its goals resonating with a wider audience.

Executive Director of Reboot, Lou Cove, had this to say:

“The desire for a reprieve from the frenetic, always-on existence that smartphones and the internet has enabled, is palpable. People are craving a discrete, sanctioned moment in time to unplug. They are seeking permission to disconnect without fear of missing an urgent work email or a breaking news story and return to what’s most essential in our lives: community, meaning and belonging.”


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