Serendiptichord: Musical Prosthetics And Computable Fashion

Serendiptichord: Musical Prosthetics And Computable Fashion
Arts & Culture

A different approach to wearable technology showcases the potential of musical prosthetics to unlock creative interaction possibilities.

Stephen Fortune
  • 8 february 2011

Wearable technology and smart fabrics increasingly concentrate on seamless, invisible integration of technology into our clothing, but the Serendiptichord takes a different approach to the creative possibilities of wearable computing.

While some projects have sought to make regular clothing into a performative interface the Serendiptichord functions instead as an technologically extended limb, or as Di Mainstone prefer to term it “a choreophonic prosthetic”. The device is intended to maximize curious interaction with it’s user.

The dancer dons the choreophonic device for their performance:

“Each device collects and releases sounds through embedded motion sensors and blue tooth signaling”

The interactive input – output functions of the Serendiptichord allow users to create their own soundscape while in motion, and interact with their composition in real time.


+fashion / apparel
+wearable computing

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