An optics research group challenge the myth that more pixels means better quality.

When shopping for digital cameras, consumers often associate a higher number of megapixels with better image quality, a common misconception that the Optics Research Group (GROC) at Universitat Jaume I challenge in a recent project. The experiment featured a single-pixel sensor that was able to record high quality images despite the obvious limitations. Gizmag reports:

The new single-pixel sensor developed by the UJI team goes against this common belief using a technique dubbed ‘ghost imaging’, which is based on the sequential recording of the light intensity transmitted or reflected by an object illuminated by a series of noisy light beams. This noisy light is what we observe, for example, when a piece of paper is illuminated using a laser pointer. To generate the necessary noisy light beams, the device uses a small one-inch LCD screen whose properties and features can be modified using a computer. The LCD screen is similar to home video projectors, but in miniature.

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