Subports and artist Richie Budd are organizing an 'enclosed' frat party inside a traditional art opening gala.

For the upcoming SCOPE International Art Fair in New York City, the mobile payment platform Subports and artist Richie Budd are teaming up to organize a unique “frat party.” Installed within the opening party of the fair, with its usual attractions and conversations, will be a transparent cube box hosting C’mon Guy. From the press release:

C’mon Guy – Coining the term “retail experiments,” Subports engages their customers in experiences that blur the lines between conceptual art, retail and social scientific experimentation. For the 2011 SCOPE International Art Fair in NYC, Subports is collaborating with Texas based artist Richie Budd for C’mon Guy (Frat Boy Box Party) and building a party within a party. A centrally placed cube will contain an actual, traditional frat party where the brothers will drink from a keg and party “Greek style.” Outside the enclosure, the usual opening party will be taking place replete with evening attire, champagne and art world conversation. Party goers will be able to interact with the frat party via text; purchasing items of clothing, accessories, and receiving messages and files created by the brothers.

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