Take A Virtual Ride On The Focus Test Drive Track [Video]


Check out how pro drivers Justin Bell and Tanner Foust did on the test track and get a look at what PSFK was subjected to.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 25 february 2011

Following up our post yesterday on the Focus Global Test Drive, one of the nice features Ford set up for the event was multiple cameras and an audio recording in all of the Focus models. At the beginning of the program, all the attendees were given a USB stick which could be plugged into a glovebox recorder when ever they got behind the wheel. So the entire driving experience was recorded.

Here’s two videos we thought we’d share. The first shows the professional drivers Justin Bell and Tanner Foust attempting to set a combined lap time on the road circuit in a stock 2012 Focus. This time was used as a target for one of the attendees to get as close to as possible. The two did their best to work together as a team…well, maybe it didn’t go quite as planned.

The second video is my 2 lap ride with Justin Bell. What this video doesn’t quite capture of course is the physical sensation of hurling through corners at a speed faster than seems possible. After driving this same course myself, the thing that separates regular drivers from folks like Justin is his ability to ignore the warning signals his brain is sending out to slow down. My takeaway from this ride is a slightly cliched one that the skill to driving fast and precise is mostly mental. I could barely get a word out while behind the wheel let alone intelligently respond to questions Justin was asking while careening around the circuit.

Focus Global Test Drive Ride with Justin Bell from Dave Pinter on Vimeo.

Full Disclosure: Ford flew us to Spain and extended hospitality to us at the Puerta America hotel to cover the Focus Global Test Drive. We were also treated to some really good tapas which slightly impaired our driving ability the next day.

Ford Focus Global Test Drive


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