The Creators Project Relaunches, Plans For 2011

The Creators Project Relaunches, Plans For 2011

Starting with their multimedia transformation of Coachella, the global cultural initiative has big plans for 2011

Dylan Schenker
  • 28 february 2011

On Wednesday, February 23rd, The Creators Project, a global cultural initiative that launched in 2010, officially announced the relaunch of their website as well as their plans for the coming year. As a partnership between VICE and Intel, the initiative has sought to not only cover the collaborative efforts of artists across several different platforms and mediums but to also nurture and support those efforts as well. Their ultimate goal is to “empower the next generation of innovators through technology”.

The Creators Project looks to expand their reach to become actual patrons for the arts by providing a new space for artists to meet and collaborate on projects. Called the Studio, the space will allow artists of different disciplines to come together and experiment in new ways through their use of new technologies. The work will be both produced and distributed through The Creators Project to give the fruits of their labors exposure through several different channels.

VICE founder Shane Smith seeks to challenge the “media status quo” by not only offering unfettered access to production and distribution, but to also allow artists to retain intellectual property rights to their own works. His model puts the artist and the art first and he believes in doing so he is nurturing innovation by empowering the artist. New developments in technology and how they inform the way art is experienced and interacted with is especially important to the enterprise.

For the inauguration of their expansion The Studio will be working with Coachella to turn the event into a multimedia spectacle. The main stage will be turned into a large evolving sculpture that will continue to transform over the three day festival and the sets by artists such as Animal Collective and Interpol will be transformed into visual events.

After Coachella, The Creators Project has several more projects lined up including a television series that will document the works of many of their creators. It will be a 12 part series that will begin on their site and expand into syndication on network television. They also plan to expand their international event series beyond just single days and into several more cities than last year.

Read more about what The Creators Project has in store for 2011 in their press release

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