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A recent event during NYC's Social Media Week offered some perspective into what is driving the rise of food and wine-based sites and applications.

Social Media Week in NYC offers quite a bit to discuss, experience and learn. We had the opportunity to attend Eats + Apps, an event focused on the rise of sites and applications dedicated to educating, informing, and facilitating community for food & wine enthusiasts. We’ve noted this is a rather obvious trend, as food does offer a significant glimpse into culture, but were interested to see that some of the sites and applications we’ve previously covered were not only in attendance, but growing their audience00 such as the much-lauded Foodspotting. While all participants had something valuable to offer, we were particularly attentive to two solutions: Snooth – an iPhone based app that will make finding local availability of that wine bottle you tried once and loved as easy as snapping a photo. Snap a photo of the label, upload for the app to recognize, and they will inform you of the nearest local availability, allow you to compare prices, add it to your wish list or virtual cellar, read reviews or create your own. Snooth facilitates your ongoing wine education. Dinevore aims to provide a more streamlined platform and alternative to the barrage of food and restaurant recommendations available online. Dinevore aims to provide a platform for making and sharing mini-restaurant guides – members curate lists of restaurants they love, and can learn from following other users whose taste they appreciate. Lists can be filtered by location, price and cuisine. The common themes we noticed? Education, facilitating users becoming curators (and tastemakers among their network), and fostering a more local, personal community among the rather broad, widespread community of food and wine afficcionados. Not to mention the ‘food porn’ that rich content, photography and recipes allow – whether professionally developed (i.e., Gourmet Live), or user generated (i.e., Foodspotting). Eats + Apps was organized by Danielle Gould of Food + Tech Connect – dedicated to building a community for the food and tech sector – as well as Emily Cavalier of Mouth of The Border and Brian Quinn and Jonny Cigar of Noble Rot. The event was an inspiring evening of great apps, food, and networking.

Food + Tech Connect

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