The Robot Internet

The Robot Internet

Scientists are exploring whether Robots can 'intuitively' share information with each other, independent of human command.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 10 february 2011

Scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology are developing Roboearth, an interface that will enable robots to independently share instructions they have mastered with one another.

Institute scientist, Dr. Markus Waibel, believes that the lack of standardization amongst robots keeps them isolated and largely ineffective at helping humans in day to day life. Roboearth is a communication system and database for robots to upload, exchange and download information on any number of topics. According to their site:

RoboEarth will include everything needed to close the loop from robot to RoboEarth to robot. The RoboEarth World-Wide-Web style database will be implemented on a Server with Internet and Intranet functionality. It stores information required for object recognition (e.g., images, object models), navigation (e.g., maps, world models), tasks (e.g., action recipes, manipulation strategies) and hosts intelligent services (e.g., image annotation, offline learning).

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

[via Gizmodo]

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