The School of Life’s Minibar For The Mind

The School of Life’s Minibar For The Mind
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The London-based school has created a thought provoking package of ideas for the Morgans Hotel Group.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 11 february 2011

The School of Life asks its students to refute the mundane, question the banal, and consider their passions above all else.

The London-based school hosts classes, workshops, lectures and even offers advice for psychotherapy. A “minibar” prepared for the Morgans Hotel Group includes a book of collected thoughts taken from its authors featured in the Evening Standard Magazine and Observer Magazine. Brief excerpts cover topics like “Making Love Last” and “Blissful Productivity”. The minibar also includes a box of conversation starting cards and scrolls rolled up in test tubes, which offer advice on relaxation and seduction.

The School of Life has a bold vision:

Shy and retiring isn’t us. We tackle life’s big questions. Why are jobs often uninspiring? How can we fulfill our potential? Can relationships last a lifetime? Why does community matter?

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Here are three conversation-starting cards pulled at random:

95% of people in the USA believe in God. 85% of people in Sweden don’t.

Are you overpaid?

If you want something done well, it’s better to do it yourself.

And many more.

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