The Shapes Of Sound: The Dazzled Project [Video]

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The Dazzled Project is a trance-inducing attempt at visualizing music structures as formal shapes.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 24 february 2011

The Dazzled Project is generative computer art project that simultaneously creates structures and sounds. Generative art refers to work that has been created in an algorithmic manner, through the use of systems defined by computer software algorithms.

According to creator David Dalmazzo:

I would like to program patterns and physics simulations with the aim to compose music structures that has a direct representation on a formal shape. One of the influences for this project was some examples that Robert Hodgin like Solar Rework. But in this case the idea is not to have a sound reactive visuals, but visuals that create a generative sound and music compositions.

Enjoy the sights and sounds from the project in the video below.

The Dazzled Project

[via rb.trends]

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