UniLeaks: WikiLeaks-Styled Space For College Whistle-Blowers

UniLeaks: WikiLeaks-Styled Space For College Whistle-Blowers

The site promises a safe space for users to send restricted documents on public interest matters pertaining to education.

Naresh Kumar
  • 25 february 2011

UniLeaks is a new site that hopes to create a WikiLeaks-like space for people to send restricted material pertaining to their institutions of higher education. The site, which is based in Australia, accepts anonymous submissions of censored material that may have “political, ethical, diplomatic or historical significance” to any university, with a larger aim of keeping education honest.

UniLeaks bills itself as a news organization, so does not accept information that has been publicly available elsewhere earlier, neither does it claim to accept rumors and opinions. Once it receives an appropriate material, its journalists write news items based on it, and providing links to its sourced documents to support their news’s authenticity. The site features an anonymous electronic drop box for users to upload original material and forums that have been categorized into universities of various countries and regions.


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