World’s Smallest Engraving On A Razor Blade

World’s Smallest Engraving On A Razor Blade
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Graham Short has just created an unbelievably small piece of miniature art.

Naresh Kumar
  • 14 february 2011

UK craftsman Graham Short has just completed the world’s smallest engraving– that on the edge of a Wilkinson Sword razor blade. The engraving, which reads “Nothing is impossible”, epitomizes Short’s dedication and patience that took over 150 attempts before he could come up with the perfect piece. The letters measure a tenth of a millimetre and can only be read with a microscope at 400 times magnification.

The razor blade, which is nothing short of a miniature art piece, has been put on sale for around $76,000.

Luxury Insider reports on how he was able to perform such an intricate job:

The level of skill and dedication required to fashion such an engraving is exceptional. Short only worked at night (when traffic vibrations are at a minimum) with his right arm strapped to the arm of his chair with a luggage strap to prevent random, unwanted movements.

He used a stethoscope to monitor his heart and would only attempt a stroke of a letter between beats, when his body was perfectly still. In top physical condition, he swims 10,000 metres a day and can slow his heart rate to 30 beats per minute.

He worked from midnight to 5.30am on most nights of the week for seven months before he finished the job to his satisfaction. On a good night he’d manage to complete three minuscule letters.

Graham Short

Luxury Insider: “Hand Engraved Razor Blade for £47,500”

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