1×2 App Enables Matching Donation To A Child In Need [Contest Winner, Concepts for UNICEF]

1×2 App Enables Matching Donation To A Child In Need [Contest Winner, Concepts for UNICEF]

The winner of our Future of Mobile Tagging concepts for UNICEF competition aims to change the world of consumption, using mobile innovation to educate people in their daily buying experience by opening their minds to realities.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 24 march 2011

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In a global collaboration between trends research consultancy PSFK LLC, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and Microsoft Tag, WABI-SABI Inspiration Lab was selected as the winner of a creative contest to help solve fundraising challenges to benefit the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.

In conjunction with its “Future of Mobile Tagging” report released in January, PSFK worked with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to launch a contest for creative agencies around the world to develop a campaign using Microsoft Tag to engage potential contributors who are concerned with the future and well-being of youth around the globe (


1×2: Offers to Share

While 2×1 are offers designed to get more by giving away less money, 1×2 allows consumers to give more than they get, helping children in need in other countries. A selection of relevant products like milk, water, books, medicines or clothes from partner brands will have a colorful Microsoft Tag sticker, and will be placed in partner supermarkets, stores and pharmacies around the country.

The Tags will contain information about children needs in relation to each specific product, raising awareness about the different issues they face, from hunger to disease.

Using mobile phones, consumers will be able to buy one product for themselves and another for the children in need, sharing their action through social networks to amplify the impact of each transaction. The application which will support the initiative will have a Facebook app where users will be able to visualize and track their donations.

2x1-mobile application-app-unicef-donation-children

1×2 offers will be available across the country through bookstores, pharmacies, clothing stores and supermarkets who will find in the program an easy way to engage their customers with fundraising through a familiar and simple concept powered by technology.

1×2 aims to change the world of consumption, educating people in their daily buying experience by opening their minds to realities and issues that seem distant, using mobile innovation.

PSFK’s Future of Mobile Tagging report presents key trends in the mobile tagging space, so as to inspire creative agencies about their future use of technologies that include QR codes, barcodes and Microsoft Tags in branding and communication campaigns. This document brings together both literal and lateral inspiration to provide a framework within which organizations can begin to contemplate the issues facing the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and their fundraising efforts.

To start this exciting conversation, PSFK challenged advertising and design agencies from around the world to react to the Future of Mobile Tagging report. They were tasked with developing concepts making use of Microsoft Tag to address one or more or the needs set forth by the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in a creative brief. The end result of this initial phase of ideation is a set of 10 standout concept programs, including the one described above.

Created by: WABI-SABI inspiration lab (Barcelona/Bogota)

Team: Lucy Rojas – Research Director, Andres Colmenares – Inspiration Director


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