A rare and privileged glimpse into the habitat of Apple's main designer Jony Ive, illustrates how highly the company prize innovation.

Designer Jonathan Ive has been a massive factor in Apple's meteoric rise to its current position in the global market. He is the mind behind the now iconic iMac, iPhone, Macbook Air and iPad. A recent Daily Mail profile of the man offers a fascinating glimpse into the hi-tech experimental environs which surround the process behind Apple's iconic designs. It also illustrates how highly Apple prizes innovative thinking, and approaching ideas from a variety of angles.

Apple keeps its designs wrapped in a shroud of absolute secrecy. Ive's lab is kept separate from the rest of the San Francisco Apple campus, and even has its own kitchen so designers working on the various projects won't inadvertently spill the beans while chatting with employees from other departments on their lunch break.

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