A Rapid Nostalgia Cycle: Nickelodeon Brings The 90’s Back

A Rapid Nostalgia Cycle: Nickelodeon Brings The 90’s Back

How a fake memo created a groundswell of nostalgia via social media channels to instigate the return of 90's classics.

Stephen Fortune
  • 11 march 2011

Another instance of the currency social media carries has been evidenced by Nickelodeon’s announcement that a swathe of Nick 90’s shows, including Clarissa Explains It All, Pete & Pete and Rugrats are to be re-aired. The classics of yesteryear will be run in a midnight to 2am block aptly entitled The ’90s Are All That.

A fake memo circulated on the Internet promising new episodes of Nickelodeon 90’s stalwarts such as the Rugrats and Angry Beavers may have played a decisive role in the decision to rerun the gems from Nickelodeon’s past as executives took note of the social media clamour that followed in it’s wake.

Nickelodeon’s intense focus on a demographic clearly impacted upon a generation of Americans, many of whom are now looking for attention once more

“At the time, we were completely devoted to that audience ages 9, 10, and 11,” TeenNick GM Keith Dawkins told EW. “It was ground-breaking and for the young viewers, a powerful and pivotal time in their lives. Those kids who are now 22, 23 and 24 want to bring that back.”


The Mary Sue: Nickelodeon To Start Airing It’s 90’s Shows Again

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