Accelerated Cool

Accelerated Cool

In the race to get out in front of the latest trend, the winning strategy is to be yourself.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 24 march 2011

“In a business where we have to chase Cool, how can we keep up?”

This is the question posed in a new article on The Hundreds, a online mag and clothing company dedicated to keeping tabs on street subculture and general lifestyle trends.

In a mobile Internet Age where (almost) everyone is constantly tapped into a global information source, trends can blow up in a matter of hours, and die just as quickly. So if you happen to be in an industry that tries to cater to these zeitgeisty whims, how does one keep pace?

The Hundreds’ answer, and an interesting one to consider, is that in the face of incessant change and an unstoppable stream of cool-mongering, we should try to be ourselves and to “keep it real.” Mellowed-out vibe aside, it’s worth thinking about how in a world of complete transience, the most natural medium to express change is the self. Rather than constant hunting for cool stuff, just post about what you like to do on your Tumblr or Twitter, and that is what will be considered trendy. And while this might seem a bit too after-school-special-y, in truth it’s proved (and not just in a Charlie Sheen way) to be be very successful. The Hundreds phrases it thus:

The secret to success today is keeping it real.  Just be yourself.  No, really, be yourself.  You may not be cool because you’re the introverted outcast fat kid who stencils pentagrams on your shoes and eats lunch with the other introverted outcast fat kid who stencils pentagrams on his shoes.  But if you load your Tumblr up with Devil-worship imagery and photos of all the chili cheese fries you ate today, now… THAT is Cool.  Because you’re not pretending to be someone you’re not, you’re not saying you want to be something you can’t.  You are owning your identity and embracing the rawness of pure, unfiltered, self.

Read more of this insightful hilarity here.

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