Adidas’ ‘All-In’ Projection Mapping Elevates Music And Sport To The Same Level

Adidas’ ‘All-In’ Projection Mapping Elevates Music And Sport To The Same Level

The 3D Projection Mapping craze continues in Paris, as part of Adidas' new campaign celebrating athletes that are 'all into' their sport, or at least very much into music.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 23 march 2011


Adidas’ ‘All-In’ campaign received significant attention when it launched last week (including the sometimes surprising selection of celebrity ‘athletes’). Supporting the campaign’s launch was a 3D projection mapping event in Paris, in which the brand showcased athletes across multiple sports; including football/soccer, skating, and even…music. 3D projections were a significant trend last year, with brands like Ralph Lauren, Target and others employing the visual technology to bring ideas to life. It clearly shows no sign of ceasing this year.

In investigating the campaign further, we also found it interesting how Adidas is engaging fans in the campaign in both the US and the UK, with the apparent strategy of empowering fans to demonstrate their talent, passion for sports, and their “game face,” by submitting their stories describing why they’re “all in.” As Piers noted last week, the objective of the campaign is to

promote the idea that when you love your game, whatever that game may be, you put your all into it.

To that end, select respondents will be showcased differently in each country — either in an MTV commercial in the US, or as a reporter at a music event in the UK (for example).

We can’t help but notice the slight resemblance between Adidas’ new campaign and Pumas’ ‘After Hours Athlete’ campaign. While Adidas’ ‘All In Campaign’ is a more direct celebration of athletes — as well as music makers and lovers, the combination of music directly alongside sports threw us off just a bit.

See the video of the Paris 3D Projection here: Adidas All In 3D Projection Paris.

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