Advertising To The Heart: Stefan Sagmeister’s Latest Exhibit [Pics]

Advertising To The Heart: Stefan Sagmeister’s Latest Exhibit [Pics]

Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister has made a living pushing past conventional norms on his clients' behalf. His commissioned work is now on display in Switzerland.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 23 march 2011


Swiss born and New-York based typographer and graphic designer, Stefan Sagmeister, is renowned for his unorthodox and intimate approach to design. He achievied notoriety in the 1990s as the designer who self-harmed in the name of his craft by carving the details of a speaking engagement onto his torso, and at one point, by gaining 25lbs in one week off junk-food.

Other, less invasive works, have included the art he’s created for the Rolling Stones and Lou Reed, and the lighthearted BMW Culture Project. But consistent throughout, it seems, is Sagmeister’s desire to burrow beneath the surface, culling viewer participation and reflection, which often results in a profound emotional response. See his inspirational TED talk here.

“Sagmeister: Another Exhibit About Promotion And Sales Material” is currently on display at the mudac Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts in Switzerland, will only feature the works that have been commissioned by clients.

The exhibition is divided into four parts consistent with the way he distinguishes his commissions: the promotion of culture, the promotion of companies, the promotion of his friends, and the self-promotion of his own own agency, Sagmeister Inc.

Sagmeister Inc.

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