Aggregating Unwanted Junk Creates Festival Atmosphere

Aggregating Unwanted Junk Creates Festival Atmosphere
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Community and collective action combine in a collaborative effort to keep junk from being dumped on Australian streets.

Stephen Fortune
  • 3 march 2011

While online swap shops that take the hassle out of barter and indicate changing consumer patterns show that new solutions to consumer excess are being explored, the problem of dumping obsolescent junk still remains a pertinent problem in first world economies.

This April, the Garage Sale Trail will take place nationally in Australia and it aims to remedy the problem of people dumping their stuff en masse.

(The Garage Sale Trail) began last year with the intention of getting as many garage sales going in the one suburb on the one day…in total 126 individual garage sales were held on May 9 in the suburb of Bondi.

The immense popularity of last years event has prompted it’s expansion into a nationwide event. Based on the proceeds from the original sale the organisers estimated that approximately 15 shipping containers worth of junk were taken off the streets as a result of the Garage Sale Trail.
The Garage Sale Trail from Republic of Everyone on Vimeo.

Garage Sale Trail

[via Unconsumption]

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