Al Gore’s Breath-Powered Ebook App At TED

Al Gore’s Breath-Powered Ebook App At TED
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Push Pop Press unleashes new breed of digital books with an iPad augmented redux of Al Gore's 'Our Choice'.

Stephen Fortune
  • 2 march 2011

Our Choice is an app version of Al Gore’s follow up to An Inconvenient Truth. It’s also Push Pop Press’s first foray into digital books and utilizes all the avenues for interaction afforded by iPad. In addition to strong multimedia content, including documentary footage and voiceovers provided by Al Gore, the app uses the trademark touch screen control to enable interaction with the info-graphics illustrating Gore’s argument.

An additional twist was provided by the use of the iPads microphone to illustrate the link between wind turbines and the iPads own power consumption

Blow on the tablet’s mic, and onscreen, the blades of a wind turbine turned, with electricity moving to a house and then into a storage battery. Stop blowing, the blades slow down, and the flow of power reverses.

Push Pop Press

Fast Company: “At TED, Ex-Apple Designer Debuts Tricked-Out iPad Version of Al Gore’s New Book “

Image: TED Conference on Flickr

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