Algorithmic Logo Expresses Conceptual Identity

Algorithmic Logo Expresses Conceptual Identity

An emerging approach to logo design takes a brand's identity from just look and feel to the expression of a conceptual core as well.

Kyle Studstill
  • 10 march 2011

The MIT Media Lab has released a video describing the concept and design behind the new logo revealed at the end of last year. Designed by The Green Eyl, the logo captures a look and feel for the Media Lab, but instead of being a just static image, the logo is actually a conceptual and dynamic algorithm. The design is a simple set of rules defining a grid overcast by three overlapping shapes; designer Richard The explains below:

The new visual identity of the MIT Media Lab is inspired by the community it comprises: Highly creative people from all kinds of backgrounds come together, inspire each other and collaboratively develop a vision of the future.

This unique offering of the MIT Media Lab is reflected in the logo design. Each of the three shapes stands for one individual’s contribution, the resulting shape represents the outcome of this process: A constant redefinition of what media and technology means today.

The Media Lab has outgrown this notion of traditional media, with researchers working in areas ranging from human computer interaction to neurobiology or nanotechnology. Whatever ‘media’ means, it has been and will be defined at this place, in the next 5, 10, 20 years. The algorithmic logo is an effort to capture this dynamism.

The Green Eyl’s algorithmic logo represents an emerging approach to logo design, one that takes a brand’s identity from just look and feel to the expression of a conceptual core as well. Watch the video explanation of the logo below:

The Green Eyl

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