Molly Dilworth’s project 'Paintings for Satellites' features artwork on the tops of New York buildings, and has inspired a conversation about using rooftops as advertising billboards.

NYC based artist Molly Dilworth paints on rooftops, hoping that Google Earth will help her creations find a wider audience. The color palette for her work was determined by what discarded paint was available and the surface of the roof inspired the shape of the paintings.

These ‘satellite art’ pieces took longer than she hoped to become viewable online, as she discovered Google Earth updates its imagery of New York City in the Spring, and having painted her first project in the summer of 2009, she had to wait almost a year. Unfortunately, after this long wait, Dilworth saw that the faded satellite images weren't nearly as colorful and bold as she would have liked and she admits that the best place to view them is up on the roof itself. However, her work did inspire this article on the possibility of rooftops becoming used as advertising billboards.

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