Artsicle: A Netflix For Fine Art


A new online initiative is the perfect resource for first-time collectors and rising art stars.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 1 march 2011

Debuting today in New York, Artsicle is an innovative startup that allows you to rent art and test it out in your home or office before you buy it.

Purchasing art can be an excellent investment, but a difficult one for beginner collectors because of the legwork it involves: gallery visits, artist research and understanding specific market trends. Conversely, selling art can be trying for young artists because galleries are loathe — especially in today’s economic climate — to take risks on lesser-known names and fledgling talent.

Artsicle poses an interesting solution to both problems: for $50 a month you can rent a piece of art from their online catalogue and they’ll deliver it. You can keep the piece for as long as you want with no pressure to purchase, and it is possible to exchange the piece at anytime for another from the catalogue. The art selection will be, for the most part, from young artists, thereby giving them exposure and an opportunity to make a living from their art without necessarily having to sell a multiplicity of pieces.

The actual purchase prices will range from about $500-$1500 making it an excellent resource for first-time investors.


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