Automatic Tattoo Machine Randomly Assigns Religious Symbols

Automatic Tattoo Machine Randomly Assigns Religious Symbols
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Chris Eckert has created a robotic device that requires users to relinquish control to randomness.

Kyana Gordon
  • 7 march 2011

Auto Ink intends to set itself apart from other CNC tattoo machines, since it is a three axis Cartesian controlled robot that tattoos a person’s arm with a randomly selected religious symbol. Created by Chris Eckert, an artist based in San José, California, the brave user places their arm face up into the machine, and holds onto a grip. Whenever the main switch is triggered, the needle positions itself above the skin and then starts to apply ink, with each user assigned a religion as well as its corresponding symbol, relinquishing total control over what is being tattooed onto the forearm. Eckert’s provides some insight into why the machine inks religious symbols:

“While my personal experience with religion is one of inclusion, a system that unites people from different regions and cultures, the public face of religion is often one of exclusion. Muslim, Christian, and Jewish zealots who know what God wants. More specifically they know what God doesn’t want and apparently God does not want me…or you. This public face of religion is always so certain, self-confident, even arrogant. That anyone could possibly know the “truth” when that truth is randomly assigned at birth is just funny.”

View the video below to see exactly how it works:

Chris Eckert

[via Make]

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