Bespoke vehicular hardware and smartphone software capabilities hold out promise of enforcing safer driving practices

A number of factual errors appeared in the original edition of this article on 03/01/2011. These inaccuracies have been corrected 03/04/2011 upon consultation with Taser. No meetings have taken place between Taser and the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, in 2011.

Taser have developed new device which may aid in road safety, but begs questions about the amount of control technology can exert over our behaviour.

Their new product, The Protector, links one's automobile and one's cellphone via a hardware platform built into the vehicle and an application installed on the drivers phone. When the automobile detects that it is in motion the in – car hardware emits a signal that is recognized by the software on the cellphone triggering certain controls to limit some or all functions depending on the permission granted by the administrator(i.e. a parent or overseer). In addition…

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