Bluebrain’s Location-Aware Album

Bluebrain’s Location-Aware Album

An innovative music album exists in a mobile app that plays songs based on the users' location in The National Mall, Washington, D.C.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 29 march 2011

Innovations in the technology backing location-based mobile applications seem to offer limitless creative opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The D.C. band Bluebrain created the world’s first music album that doubles as a location aware mobile application. The app will sync songs, and even melodies to a listener’s location as they travel through The National Mall in Washington, D.C. The app ensures a unique listening experience based on the whims of each user based solely on location.

As described by TheNextWeb:

“Users will be able to download the album over the Mall’s WiFi. The phone’s geolocation will sync up with an impressionistic map rendering created for the app. Hit play and as users create their own path through the Mall, they’re creating their own special listening experience. If a user say cuts over to the reflecting pond then over to the FDR memorial, they will have a completely different experience than someone who takes the opposite route and the music was designed for this experience.”

In describing the app, the band noted the process of composing music that reflects the ‘feel’ of a specific location. Bluebrain has plans for future album apps for Prospect Park in NYC and Highway 1 in California.


[via TheNextWeb]

Image by Kevin H.

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