The average age of all humans on the planet is 28 years. In Italy it is 43. In Japan it is 44. In India it is 26. But in the Middle East and Africa it is under 20. This age gap has produced some weaknesses in the way global brands of Western origin are marketed.

Last year I celebrated my half-century. I know, you can’t believe it. And I look so young! Anywhere in the world, 50 years is a milestone, and in the developing world I have bucked the longevity trend already. My age mates console me with ’50 is the new 40’.

But the truth is, unless I took the strenuous measures I do to keep my outlook young, I would be past my sell-by date as a marketer. Indeed, a brand or marketing manager in her thirties is already getting on a bit. And she will need to work hard to remain in touch with younger people.

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