Citizen Journalist Leverages Kickstarter To Aid Libya

Citizen Journalist Leverages Kickstarter To Aid Libya

Independent U.S. journalist turns to crowdfunding to support an educational initiative.

Plus Aziz
  • 31 march 2011

Multimedia journalist Rachel Anderson kicked off her campaign titled “Libyan Youth in the Revolution” and is looking to raise $30,000 in one month to further develop citizen journalism in Libya. While she has on-ground experience in both Egypt and Libya, the funding she previously received from Rotary International was pulled after the U.S. pulled back on its ground support.

Interestingly, Anderson is taking Kickstarter to a field that it is not commonly associated with: independent or citizen journalism. Harnessing its ability to mobilize a social media movement, she is hoping to deepen her existing relations with young revolutionaries.

According to Mashable, Anderson has been teaching a class of 15 people alongside Small World News. This organization seeks to help other citizen journalists in the Middle East “to report on the revolution around them. The group functions as a make-shift newsroom, responsible for finding, filming and editing original stories. The goal is to create a self-sustaining citizen journalist movement that continues reporting after Anderson and other Western journalists leave Libya.” She is also being supported by One Day On Earth, whom will host her content.

Visit Rachel Anderson’s Kickstarter page to learn about and support her 8-week trip to North Africa.

Libyan Youth in the Revolution

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