Classic Literature Serialized Through Mobile Tags

Classic Literature Serialized Through Mobile Tags

Books2Barcode's mission is to convert every book into a series of barcodes.

Dylan Schenker
  • 1 march 2011

Imagine every single book ever written being translated into a series of QR codes that would allow users to immediately download the stories to their devices in 800 word segments. That is exactly what Books2Barcodes, an initiative created by humor blog Wonder Tonic, plans to do. Beginning with several classics which include Ulysses, War & Peace and Moby Dick.

The 800 word segments make the longer, famously difficult books, feel less daunting, especially when reading them on a cellphone or mobile device.  It feels like a modern adaptation of the serialization of novels via literary magazines. However, it’s difficult to say how this method of acquiring books will stack up to e-books and e-book readers unless they potentially incorporate barcode scanners into the devices.

At the least it is compelling to look at a book deconstructed into a series of QR codes on a web page as a kind of visualized barcode aesthetic. For the longer books especially, the amount of codes can number in the hundreds and can take a while to scroll through.

For more on mobile tagging read our Future of Mobile Tagging Report.


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