CNN Unveils Top 5 US Splurge-Prone Cities

CNN Unveils Top 5 US Splurge-Prone Cities

A probe by the news agency reveals which five American cities have the consumers who spend the most money without actually having it.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 23 march 2011

CNN Money has recently pinpointed five US cities where people spend the most and gain the greatest amount of credit card debt. These cities are:

  1. Columbus, Ohio (Average credit card debt: $4,631.22)
  2. Spokane, Washington (Average credit card debt: $4,571.96)
  3. Shreveport, Louisiana (Average credit card debt: $4,154.67)
  4. Evansville, Indiana (Average credit card debt: $4,020.43)
  5. Des Moines, Iowa (Average credit card debt: $3,940.13)

And these numbers are only from debt racked up on bank-issued credit cards, they do not take into account retail cards that are issued by specific establishments. Is the recession over? Let’s wait for the bill.

[via CNN Money]

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