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Fuel first of 2011 by Mattias Adolfsson (Sigtuna, Sweden) The curious world of Adolfsson strikes again, this time with an endearing set of creatures navigating their mechanical world the best they can. [Project Link] Scott Redford Retrospective by Volt (Australia) Riffing off the “surf culture” displayed in Redford's work, Volt has created a youthful, bright branding to accompany this retrospective at Brisbane's GoMA. [Project Link] Stills by Ruadh DeLone (Rheden, Netherlands) Having clearly mastered the traditional still life technique, this artist couldn't help but insert some “modern” details into his vignettes. [Project Link] Numbers by SilvaBradshaw (Brooklyn, NY) Jewelry created by manipulating simple geometry: circle and spheres were cut, stretched and twisted into this evocative line of rings and necklaces. [Project Link] Viva ‘Fire' by Umeric (Sydney, Australia) A short in which fire functions in a much different way than it's known to-a piece as visually shocking as it beautiful. [Project Link]

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