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Milan Fashion Week A/W – 2011/2012 by Luciano Consolini (Milan, Italy) Ah, Fashion Week. The crowds, cameras, stress, wardrobe malfunctions, fashion icons – experience it all from the safety of your desk chair. [Project Link] Animal illustrations and shirt designs by iain macarthur (Swindon, United Kingdom) Standalone, these patterns could be their own exhibit. Used to illustrate animals – even better. [Project Link] ORISHIKI (Clutch bag) by Naoki Kawamoto (London, United Kingdom) Inspired by Origami and “Shiki” (Japanese wrapping cloth), these clutch bags are at once structurally complicated and aesthetically simple. [Project Link] painting 2 by dilka bear (Duino, Italy) These delightful characters sure do have unusual taste in pets, don’t they? [Project Link] ELEVATED BROOD by Paul Nicholls (London, United Kingdom) One of the best examples of function inspiring form – this Sea Museum reminds us of a long-lost ship, discovered after years undersea. [Project Link]

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