A novel initiative uses a unique mix of advertising savvy, viral video, and aid work to reduce first-world waste and provide support for developing nations.

Acknowledging that wastefulness is an unfortunate part of the American hospital system, Doc2Dock is an initiative that was founded by Dr. Bruce Charash in 2005. The program, which is part of the Clinton Global Initiative, collects various excess medical supplies from a network of professionals and volunteers and sends them from the USA to hospitals in Africa.

Gary Koepke, Modernista’s co-founder and executive creative director of Doc2Dock, describes their process and achievements:

[Doc2Dock] collects unused medical supplies through its network of medical professionals and volunteers, then they sort, ship and redistribute the supplies and equipment — enough to fill over 25 40-foot shipping containers so far….This organization has brought hope and care to more than two million people while simultaneously reducing waste in the U.S.

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