DriveNow: BMW’s New Car Sharing Service

DriveNow: BMW’s New Car Sharing Service

BMW's new car-sharing service enables users to instantly locate, reserve, and drive away with a car from virtually any street corner in Munich.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 28 march 2011

“DriveNow”is a car sharing system that BMW will launch this month in Munich, and worldwide in the near future. The focus is to bring efficient, high quality cars to commuters, in a hassle-free manner. As explained by Good Magazine:

After registering for the system for a one-time payment of €29 (about $41 at the moment), you can look up cars in your area, reserve a free one, unlock it electronically, drive it anywhere within the service boundaries, and drop it off wherever it’s convenient. For each ride you simply pay 29 cents per minute, up to €14.90 (about $21) per hour (you pay no extra for gas).

Cars can be located and reserved in real-time on any web browsing device. Parking within the designated city is free, and billing is by the minute. Fuel is included, still, however, leaving questions such as ‘who left the gas tank on empty?’ left unresolved.

BMW DriveNow

[via Good Magazine]

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