A furniture retailer solicits creativity by giving away home furnishings to those with imaginative talents and oddities.

At the end of 2009, we covered the Real Good Chair project from Blu Dot, a retailer of modern home furniture. This project played with the idea of curb-mining in urban cities – the act of claiming discarded furniture left on curbs – by leaving brand new chairs on curbsides, to see who would pick them up and how many passersby would overlook them.

The retailer havs now launched another playful experiment, the Blu Dot Swap Meet. In this project, participants select any Blu Dot item they want, and bid for it by making an interesting offer sometime before March 11. The brief rules suggest things submissions like “collections, creations, talents, taxidermy, and etc,” while the explanatory video solicits imaginative and somewhat goofy approaches to potential submissions.

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