A new version of Insights for Websites, provides publishers with expanded information on how readers are interacting with their content.

This week, Facebook released a new, expanded version of Insights for Websites, which provide publishers with more in-depth information on how readers are interacting with their site. Update the insights of your website immediately, then add the meta tag to the header of your entire website and you’re all set. Read about the five new features provided within the revamped Insights below:

Real-time Like button analytics: Real-time data allow publishers to modify like button placement to impact overall performance instantly.Track the volume of impressions as well as actual clicks on the buttons and the total volume of referral traffic coming from Facebook. Comments box analytics:  The new comments plugin provides data about the number of on-site and in-feed impressions. Popular pages: This new tool displays the top 100 pages on a site, giving publishers the ability to place larger calls to action when a story experiences a spike in traffic. Demographics: The revised demographic data is presented as an aggregate, not on a per page basis and is presented in a similar fashion to the existing Facebook page insights. Organic sharing: Organic sharing lets random Facebook users  forward your site’s content regardless of whether there is a like button on your site.

Facebook Insights for Websites

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