Business Insider's list of top 10 tech partnerships provides inspiration for how sometimes unlikely partners can change the game and create opportunities for both an industry and consumers.

Business Insider's recent list of top 10 tech partnerships reminded us that sometimes unlikely partners can turn a company or industry's future around – creating new opportunities and expectations for both companies and for the consumers and markets they serve. While BI's list identifies 10 partnerships, we highlighted the five we found the most impactful in defining the landscape for other businesses or brands to play in:

Apple and ARM: By using an ARM processor in the iPad, Apple helped make  ARM the default choice to power other tablets. Facebook and Zynga: Zynga's games – including Farmville – were among the first applications to demonstrate that Facebook could serve as a business and monetization opportunity for developers and brands. Apple's iPhone and Google: Including Google Maps and YouTube on every iPhone feels instinctive now; most of us haven't owned iPhones that didn't come with these two properties built in. The natural partnership has made iPhone/smartphone users take this access and ensuing behavior for granted (and wonder how we lived in or navigated our cities without it). Apple and Intel: Apple's 2005 switch to Intel processors resulted in improved battery life – and increased sales of Apple notebooks. Google and Yahoo: Between 2000 and 2004, Google was an upstart fueled by a deal to power Yahoo's search results. An IPO and lawsuit later, Yahoo took 2.7 million shares of Google common stock in 2004 – and needless to say, it's ‘Google' that has since become a verb, indispensable resource and ‘owner' of more data than we sometimes want to wrap our heads around.

We also couldn't help but notice Apple's prominence on the list. Select strategic, calculated partnerships have helped them earn the market share they currently own across platforms – and to consistently be among the first technology and consumer electronics companies to innovate with solutions that consumers actually want (and mostly enjoy) to use.

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