Peel has created an all-in-one TV, DVR and social media management system that allows users to channel surf, record and share from handheld devices.

TV technology has come to exceed its hardware. With such a multiplicity of channels, old-style TV guides feel inadequate and ungainly. Peel, a new start-up, is entering the fray with their free app (for iPhone or iPad) that allows you to search for your favourite kind of shows, adjust the volume on your TV, link into your DVR and record, and share what you’re watching on Facebook or Twitter.

The technology, designed by fuseproject, consists of two key components: the app, which is free to download, and the fruit-shaped infrared device that connects to your wifi and channels your TV into your phone. Peel claims to be compatible with thousands of different TV, DVD and Blu-Ray models as well as Google, Apple TV, and Roku.

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