New innovations from Kinect and Nintendo 3DS make huge medical advances.

Doctors at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto, Canada have taken interactive gaming to the next level when they hooked up a Kinect console to their medical imaging computer. Now when in the operating room, doctors can have direct access to MRI scans, without having to disinfect, leave the operating room, consult the scans, and then scrub back in. This hack allows them to virtually manipulate the scans and retrieve the necessary information by pulling it up on screen with a wave of their hand.

And for a change of pace, a story about how video games can actually improve the health of your child. Nintendo 3DS has been singled out by the American Optometric Association for the amazing strides its autostereoscopic 3D handheld console has made in diagnosing children below the age of six who need vision therapy. In addition, children who are not fully experiencing the 3D technology may be suffering from amblyopia or “lazy eye,” and this is a relatively painless, and one might even say “fun” way to diagnose it.

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