Created by Mother London, Stella Artois launched the fourth chapter of its campaign for its premium 4% lager.

Stella Artois launched the fourth chapter of its campaign for its smooth premium 4% lager. The latest ad for the ‘Triple Filtered, Smooth Escapades' campaign takes place on a train and transports the viewer back to the 1960s French Riviera. Hop aboard an entertaining ride guaranteed to ensure a “Triple-filtered with a Smooth Outcome’.

Created by Mother London, the ad introduces a young man who spots a beautiful woman on the station platform as the departure whistle blows. Raising an eyebrow, he spontaneously follows her onto the train and enters car number three as the train pulls out of the station. We see him slyly work his way from one railroad car to another, leaving a trail of bewildered onlookers in the process. Undergoing a transformation from casually dressed to ticket collector then moustachioed waiter, he finally emerges in the first class car where we see his final change into a smooth, dapper gentleman. Following his triple-filtered makeover, he receives his smooth outcome, a perfectly poured glass of Stella Artois 4% as he finds the beautiful woman who prompted the entire adventure reclining by the bar.

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