According to InstantShift and Wix's estimations, an app developer should aim for about 582,000 downloads (on Apple's app store, at least) in order to hit 'millionaire' status.

Business Insider turned our attention towards an infographic from InstantShift and Wix, indicating the number of downloads – and sales – an app developer should aspire to before making $1 million. Based on a $2.45 average app price on the Apple store, and the sales margin a developer receives (70%), the exact formula needed to become a millionaire calls for 581,395 downloads (see below):

2.45 x 0.7 x 581,395 apps sold = $1,000,000 (almost).

One can look at Angry Birds for a point of reference – the paid version of the app has sold more than 6.5 million copies, generating $4.5 million in profit. Advertising profits alone have reaped $1 million for the developers.

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